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F A Q about Hypnosis and Magic shows.  

Myths vs the truth about hypnosis, by hypnotist Cesar Domico.

Thank you for visiting the web site. Because of the way hypnotism has been portrayed on television and in the movies, there are many misconceptions about it. Below you will find frequently asked questions with answers to help explain the truths and common myths about hypnosis. There are also several questions and answers about hypnotist Cesar Domico.

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Can people really be hypnotized during Cesar's show?

Yes. The hypnosis show is 100 percent live and real. The people Cesar chooses for hypnosis are members of the audience and not people already known to him. Their participation was not pre-arranged. In fact, 90 percent of the population can be hypnotized.

Are Cesar's shows in English and Spanish?

Yes. Si. The hypnosis show can either be completely in English or completely in Spanish, or it can be in both as a bilingual show.

Is the Hypnosis Show safe for the audience?

Yes, the hypnosis show is safe. Cesar Domico is a professional entertainer and hypnotist. read more about Cesar Domico.
With more than 18 years of experience as an entertainer, Cesar is a certified hypnotist and hypnotherapist with training and credentials to practice hypnosis at both the stage and clinical levels. He holds certifications from the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy, the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners and the International Society of Interpersonal Hypnotherapists.

Can someone be hypnotized forever?

No. No one can be in a hypnosis trance forever.

Can people be hypnotized against their will?

No. A person cannot be hypnotized against his or her will. The participant must be fully willing and ready to be hypnotized for it to happen.

Is it a family show?

The show is a family friendly act, but only the adults will be hypnotized. The adults are the focus, though children in the audience at private parties or corporate events with family members will have a great time watching the show. The show and the humor are clean, and the hypnosis will NOT induce the adults to do anything that is inappropriate.

Can children be hypnotized?

Generally speaking children are able to be hypnotized, and hypnotists must obtain authorization from the children's parents beforehand. However, for the show, Cesar will not hypnotize anyone under the age of 18.

Do people hand over power to the hypnotist?

No. No one can give the power of the mind to anyone else. Hypnosis is a state of hyper suggestibility where the participant allows himself or herself to enter a profound state of meditation, guided by the hypnotist. Ultimately, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. The hypnotist helps participants unlock the power of their own minds.

Can someone suffer brain damage after hypnosis?

No. That is another myth created by movies.

Can hypnotists induce people to do unethical, immoral or illegal things?

No. Under hypnosis the participant ultimately has control, and the conscious mind will immediately become alert and stop the process if the participant is being asked to do something abhorrent or that violates his or her principals.

Is hypnosis a religion?

No. It is a professional and sacred technique that professionally trained practitioners use on people who seek to help themselves by improving their self-esteem, health, diet, positive thinking, or to overcome unhealthy habits and to lose weight and stop smoking.

Can Cesar travel and perform his Comedy Hypnosis Stage Show throughout the United States and Latin America?


Can I have some promotional materials?

Yes. If you book the show, please go to the Promo session on this site and you will see many options, including flyers, cards, and promos to help you promote your event.

Are Cesar Domico and his hypnosis show an official company?

Yes. Cesar Domico is JCD Productions, LLC

Where is Cesar based?

Cesar is based in Tampa, Fla., USA.

If you have any other questions that you would like to ask before booking a Comedy Hypnosis Stage Show with Cesar Domico, please contact us.



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