Magician and Hypnotist Cesar Domico
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Magician - Hypnotist Magician - Hypnotist
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Magician - Hypnotist - corporate events
Magician - Hypnotist - corporate events

Are you ready to be hypnotized?

Hypnosis is a natural state of consiousness and deep relaxation.

Cesar Domico is a professional hypnotist at clinical level.

Cesar will show the power of the mind with fun demonstrations on the stage.

In this family friendly act, only adults who volunteer will be hypnotized, while everyone in the audience will have a great time watching the show.

Hypnosis stage demonstration-shows for
Corporate events - High Schools - Colleges - Fundraisers

Hypnosis stage shows.

What you can expect:

The hypnosis show is Educational!

  • Bring a HELTHY and POSITIVE message to the audience trough fun hypnosis demonstrations.
  • Assimilates a strong message with impactful experiences!
  • Suggest positive behaviors:
    All you desire you can do. Be positive.
    Educate yourself. Go for your dreams.
    Stop smoking. Eat better.

Fun and Energetic!

  • Relieve stress through laughter!
    Positive stimulation of the mind helps people improve their response to work, assignments and group integration. Cesarís show will provide plenty of mental stimulation through laughter and relaxation.

Family Friendly Show

  • Clean fun and humor.
  • Full audience participation.
  • No embarrassing situations.

Safe and Professional

  • Cesar Domico is an experienced magician and hypnotist with more than 20 years of experience entertaining audiences in both English and Spanish. He is a Certified Hypnotherapist at the clinical level, and he is Insured and Background checked.

Easy to set up

  • Adaptable to any stage or auditorium.
  • Sound system, mics available.
  • Set-up time less than 45 minutes.


  • Hypnosis stage shows for Corporate Events
  • Hypnosis stage shows for Conferences
  • Hypnosis stage shows for Adults Birthday Parties
  • Hypnosis stage shows for High schools
  • Hypnosis stage shows for Colleges
  • Hypnosis stage shows for Hotels
  • Hypnosis stage shows for Customer appreciation


Cesar will prove that "whatever you visualize becomes your reality." Unlock the power of your mind!

Magician - Hypnotist - corporate events
Magician - Hypnotist - corporate events

Entertainer Hypnostist for corporate shows - conventions - high schools - colleges

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Magician - Hypnotist Cesar Domico performing for all Florida

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