Magician and Hypnotist Cesar Domico
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10 - Miami - Private event
11 - St. Petersburg - Private event
12 - Tampa - Private event
15 - Jacksonville - Private event
18 - Brandon - Private event
18 - Sarasota - Private event
21 - Tampa - Private event
24 - Port St Lucie - Private event
Magic Shows for Summer 2017 in Florida.

Some of the shows are sponsored by the cities, libraries, and Friends of the Library. Please check the times, dates, locations and availability before attending a show.


Cesar Domico

Cesar Domico - Magician - magic shows - Orlando, Miami, Tampa, Sarasota, Florida

events - shows
event Shows
Magician - Hypnotist Magician Magician - Hypnotist

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Magician - Hypnotist Cesar Domico performing for all Florida

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